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About Envious

Envious Styling & Dress Hire was founded by two best friends whose passion for style has brought them to the realisation that style and self-confidence go hand in hand. A woman's outfit can be seen as her “armour” and is often reflective of how she feels on the inside.

By sharing our learnings and applying our experiences to help others, Envious aims to empower women to be the best version of themselves.

One of our great pleasures is seeing a woman step out of the changing room – in an outfit that she perhaps would not have chosen for herself– with a huge smile on her face... Because she looks and FEELS fabulous!

A word from Nichola...

As a certified Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, and Makeup Artist, my life has been shaped by a profound love for all things beautiful. Juggling a career in the corporate world while raising four boys, I discovered my true calling – supporting women like you.

Envious Styling is not just a business; it truly is a heartfelt mission. My transition from a busy mum to a home-based professional ignited my passion for empowering women through life's changes. Becoming a personal stylist became my avenue to champion the empowerment of women.

I'm committed to translating style advice into practical tools for you, teaching you to know and understand your style preferences that align with your lifestyle, and, most importantly, empowering you to step out into the world with more confidence

What Sarah has to say...

As a relatively new Mum, having had two babies in as many years - my lifestyle, body, and overall style have changed dramatically in that time. I began relying on my BFF (Nichola) for support and guidance to redefine my personal sense of style and reconnect with my confidence. 

Having reaped the benefits of learning from Nichola, I can confirm that while things are still different, my style confidence has returned to what it was, and more! I am now determined to use my experience of running a women’s media company to create a pathway to bring the core values of Envious to as many women as possible

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