Welcome To Envious!

Hello All and Welcome to Envious,

I'm Nichola, and together with my best friend (of nearly 20 years!) and business partner, Sarah, we are thrilled to welcome you into the Envious Styling and Dress Hire Community.

A Tale of Two Friends

As some of you may already know, my love affair with fashion and style has been a lifelong romance. From the corporate world of finance and HR to being a mum of four incredible boys, my life has been and seen many changes over the years.

My journey has taught me that style is not just about the clothes we wear but about expressing our true selves in a way that resonates with our lifestyle, body shape, and, most importantly, our personality.

I remember when I was working in finance, my colleagues could tell what kind of day I had in front of me in the morning based on how I was dressed. It may seem silly, but if I had a difficult meeting or a presentation I was nervous about, I always went that little extra step to dress up. I feel it just added that little more confidence to me for the day, it helped me stand a little taller, and in turn be the best version of myself for whatever challenges came my way. It gave me a little control in the uncontrollable.  

Sarah's journey intersects with mine in the most beautiful way. As a new mum, navigating the changes in her lifestyle, body, and style, Sarah turned to me for guidance, and what emerged from our sessions was a renewed sense of style and confidence that not only embraced her new life, but celebrated it! Her experience, coupled with her expertise in running a women's media company, ignited a shared vision: to bring Envious Styling's core values to as many women as possible.

Why Envious Styling & Dress Hire?

What began as a 'side hustle' in dress hire evolved into something profoundly impactful. Every consultation, every girl who walked into the studio, and every dress hired, became a story of empowerment. It was clear to us that this was not just about providing a service but changing mindsets and education, giving control, understanding to our clients on what suits them, and helping them feel empowered in their style choices. 

Our Mission: Empowerment Through Education and Style

At Envious Styling, we are not just about helping you find the perfect outfit, we want to give you access to dresses that suit your body. We have put so much time, energy and thought into what we add to our collection. 

We do not just buy a dress in a size because we like the dress, we only add dresses to our collection in sizes and shapes that work for the bodies that wear them.

We want to give you access to gorgeous dresses at a fraction of the price, therefore giving you the permission to concentrate and prioritise your everyday style (Yes you have permission, no mom guilt allowed here!!!). We want to educate you through personalised styling consultations, educational workshops, and our dress hire service. We want to teach you all the foundational aspects of styling, body shapes, colours and provide you with the knowledge and tools to celebrate your unique body shape and style preference.

We understand the challenges of recognising the beauty in our bodies and the struggle to express our true selves through our style. It's a journey Sarah and I have navigated personally and one we are passionate about sharing with you. Our goal is to help shift your mindset, to not only think and focus on the things you may not love about your body, but how to highlight and celebrate your best features.

Your Style Journey Begins Here

We invite you to make your style a priority today. There is no need to wait for a perfect moment or milestone to feel beautiful and confident. 

We want to help guide you, educate you, and celebrate with you every step of the way. 

With all our love and excitement for your journey,

Nichola & Sarah,

Envious xx